Kingsted is an Austin, Texas based t-shirt brand and custom apparel manufacturing company. We’re a small business trying to weather this storm like many folks out there. As some of you have done, we had to adapt to stay open. When we noticed the shortage in face masks, we decided to use our fabric inventory to produce masks to help meet the demand. We joined the numerous clothing brands with manufacturing capabilities to produce cloth masks and to make them as quickly as possible for the general population. 

We still have t-shirt inventory available on this site and on Amazon. We will try to replenish in a  timely manner but since we transitioned our factory from t-shirt production to face covers, we ask that you are patient with us if your first choice is out of stock.

While these cloth masks are not rated or certified at any level, we believe wearing any mask has some level of effectiveness as that appears to be the consensus amongst the experts. 

These masks are offered to the public at a price lower than market because we believe that it is more important to make these affordable than to make a profit during these challenging times. We priced these masks as such in order to cover our costs of production, distribution, and administration to continue to pay all our employees while also providing for mask donations to under-served communities in need. We are grateful that you chose to support this effort to get these face covers out to folks that need them.

We will donate masks to members of our local community (Austin, TX) that are determined to be most in need. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook so we can keep you posted on where donations are made. 

Please remember, this too shall pass….Be kind and take care of each other.

With many wishes for safety and health to the whole wide world.

The Kingsted Family.







THESE CLOTH MASKS ARE NOT FOR MEDICAL USE AND ARE NOT FDA APPROVED.  These cloth masks are not a substitute for a PPE and have not been tested or rated at any level. These cloth masks are not intended for medical use and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease.